Chronology - Where they were and what they did

Some very significant events happened in each place the Cooks lived. At the 200th birthday celebration this year, we have a number of presentations for a few of those places, from Goshen, Conn to Afton, Wyoming.

We still need volunteers to make videos for the other localities. Please help us make these videos. Some of them might be picture histories if no one is able to visit a certain locality in person. Information has been gathered and pictures included for each place, including Phineas' journal entry, historical information and quotes, pictures and maps. These files will help you find the right place and have the correct information to take your own pictures and narrate the video in your own words. Eventually they will be posted on the website.

Please contact Janet Porter to volunteer for one of the localities or for more information (

Thanks to the volunteers so far! The videos are great!