Phineas Wolcott Cook Family Organization Family Tree

Phineas Wolcott Cook + Amanda Polly Savage

4 children
Rozalia Cook (twin)
Birth: November 12, 1863 44 27Cedar Fort, Utah, Utah, United States
Death: December 13, 1863
Joseph Cook
Birth: May 4, 1866 46 29Swan Creek, Rich, Utah, United States
Death: August 31, 1866

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Family group information
Marriage December 18, 1853
LDS spouse sealing December 18, 1853

LDS temple: Endowment House

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"The Life and History of Phineas W. Cook," including his journal, published by the Phineas W . Cook Family Organization, #5 N 700E, Brigham City, UT, p. 79. "Dec 1853 and 18th I took tw o wives the name of the oldest was Polly Amanda Savage the daughter of the first Mormon Elde r I ever heard preech she was 17 years old the 23 of August before. The name of the other wa s Catharine McCleve an Irish girl she was 17 the 17th of Sept." "Friday the 28th day of March by their own free will and choice my three wives went with me t o the endowment house and ware each sealed over the alter." ("The Life and History of Phinea s W. Cook," including his journal, published by the Phineas W. Cook Family Organization, # 5 N 700E, Brigham City, UT, p. 101.) She was the second wife: Md (1)Ann Eliza Howland 1 Jan 1840 Md (2) Amanda Polly SAVAGE 18 Dec 1853 Md (3) Catherine MC CLEVE 18 Dec 1853 Md (4) Johanna Christina PAHLSON ( POLSON ) 13 Sep 1878