Phineas Wolcott Cook Family Organization Family Tree

Phineas Wolcott Cook + Catherine McCleve

1 child
Joseph Wolcott Cook
Birth: April 21, 1855 35 18Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, United States
Death: February 25, 1931Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho, United States

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Marriage December 18, 1853

LDS spouse sealing December 18, 1853

LDS temple: Endowment House

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"Friday the 28th day of March by their own free will and choice my three wives went with me t o the endowment house and ware each sealed over the alter." ("The Life and History of Phinea s W. Cook," including his journal, published by the Phineas W. Cook Family Organization, # 5 N 700E, Brigham City, UT, p. 101.) She was the third wife: Md (1)Ann Eliza Howland 1 Jan 1840 Md (2) Amanda Polly SAVAGE 18 Dec 1853 Md (3) Catherine MC CLEVE 18 Dec 1853 Md (4) Johanna Christina PAHLSON ( POLSON ) 13 Sep 1878